This Year's Last Blog Post

15 Dec 18 Written by  Published in 英文-En-Works
This Year's Last Blog Post

This Year's Last Blog Post

As I reported the other day, December 15th is Kyoto ZUIHODO's last working day in this year.This is our final blog post this year.

I think that this is the last piece of relevant content I have. I did not have many good ideas for things to write about, so let's introduce a work as usual!


Photogenic 5265 R

Patterns expressing the gentle flow of water. On the shining sterling silver skin, gently, gently flows the movement of the water. A fascinating movement, made in silence.

The expression of curves is a difficult task. Even if artists have created silver works for decades, and you search the world for many works, you could not find such fine expressions as those created by Kumo-o.

We also post videos on YouTube, so please do not miss this.



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