KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa

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KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa


We have decided to participate in an arts and crafts fair in Kanazawa. It will be held at Kumu Kanazawa The Share Hotels from Friday 16th November until Sunday 18th November.

Room 204 in the hotel will be Kyoto ZUIHODO’s designated exhibition space, and it will be an interesting event where art will be displayed freely. The exhibits will not be in cases, and visitors can move around as they please and see the things which interest them.

Many artists from Kyoto ZUIHODO will participate, including Ai Shimizu (lacquer), Aki Takahashi (pottery), Miki Kato (pottery), and Mikio Hirai (Nishijin weave). Individual and collaborative works created by each of them will decorate the room.




We will be waiting for everyone to visit.

Visit the event’s official website here

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