Ambiente Preparation

08 Feb 19 Written by  Published in 英文-EN- Exhibition
Ambiente Preparation

Ambiente Preparation

After heading to Germany for Ambiente, I arrived in Frankfurt safely. The next day I visited the venue, and was busy preparing for the exhibition of the works.


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The image of our booth has changed from last year's. This year the booth is based on grey, which not only creates a calm atmosphere but also brings to life the colours of each work so you will enjoy the place much more. You can also see a demonstration by the artist Aki Takahashi, and experience her artwork.

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Kyoto ZUIHODO is aiming to convey the merits of not only silver kettles but also pottery and other works, through letting people see beyond the beauty of the works and learning the techniques behind them.


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Well, I will do my best to prepare for the next day's event.

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