Collaborative creations

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Collaborative creations

Collaborative creations

At Kyoto ZUIHODO, we not only use metalwork, but also collaborate with craftspeople from other art genres to create new designs. Using a combination of calligraphy, paper mounting and handmade kinran fabric, which Buddhist priests’ clothes are made from, we have created these folding screens. A picture framer creates a basic design and then the other artists add to the piece. 

190318 0022

Each artist values the traditional method of making their artwork, using equipment and technologies that follow and preserve these traditions. By sharing their ideas, these artists can respect each other’s methods and work together to create beautiful pieces.

190318 0003

We are exhibiting these pieces at Kyoto ZUIHODO, so please come and see them for yourself.

IMG 6387 R

Translated by Jennie Whittington


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