New Work: Henkei-Shibori Iron Kettle

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New Work: Henkei-Shibori Iron Kettle

New Work: Henkei- Shibori Iron Kettle

Since iron is harder than gold, silver, and other metals, it is said that it is a difficult material to create a hammered kettle from. But with a considerable amount of time and labour, it is possible to create this work.


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However you look at this work, it is beautiful. Traces of the hammered pattern give it warmth, and its smooth, curved mouth draws out the flavour. This effect can only be created from squeezing one sheet of iron.

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There is nothing which our predecessors came up with that modern people cannot also do. However, a variety of things can now be alleviated by relying on machines. But by struggling to create one work using traditional methods, it is possible to convey the feelings of our predecessors in the present day, and feel joy knowing that some things cannot be changed.

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