New Work: Hand-Carved Kettle - Chrysanthemum

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New Work: Hand-Carved Kettle - Chrysanthemum

New Work: Hand-Carved Kettle - Chrysanthemum

Do you know the word ‘wabori’?

Wabori is a carving technique to make sculptures, and has been passed down since ancient times in Japan. However, nowadays it is hardly used. Instead, laser engraving is becoming popular.

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But Unzan, one of Kyoto ZUIHODO’s artisans, does not rely on machines. He has inherited his techniques from the past, and uses them to create beautiful and delicate works. One of his works is the chrysanthemum hand-carved kettle.

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In Japan, the chrysanthemum is a noble flower used in many places, including on silver teapots. Making works with a machine never matches the fineness of making them by hand, or conveys the passion which the artists put into them.

The Chrysanthemum hand-carved kettlejoined the lineup of Kyoto ZUIHODO’s works in 2018. Please make sure to look out for it.


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