Wave Pattern Kettle

Wave Pattern Kettle

Wave Pattern Teapot

This teapot has a calm wave pattern with a satin finish.

It is smaller than the standard size, being 5.4 inches in width, meaning that it is easy for everyone to handle.

The pattern is created by a process of carefully and repeatedly striking the metal, and the finish created with old methods which the artist’s masters used and passed on to them.


Nowadays in Japan, the processes for making silver teapots are more often done by machine than by hand. Because Kyoto ZUIHODO are committed to preserving traditional techniques, wonderful handmade works such as this wave pattern kettle still exist.

There are trends everywhere. At this time, there are also fashions in the world of traditional art. Enhancing the arrangement of old patterns creates new textures, which can become a part of these fashions.


When you want to take a rest, enjoy some tea with a beautiful silver kettle… why not taste such a moment?

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